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NPTEL Public Speaking Week 5 Assignment 5 Solution 2023

Public speaking is an essential skill that empowers individuals to effectively communicate their ideas, opinions, and information to an audience. As part of the NPTEL Public Speaking course, Week 5 brings an interesting and challenging Assignment 5. This article dives into the details of the NPTEL Public Speaking Week 5 Assignment 5 Solution for the year 2023.

NPTEL Public Speaking Assignment 5 Answers 2023 (July- Oct)

NPTEL Public Speaking Week 5 Assignment 5 Solution 2023

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The man’s boundary begins and ends with his skin.

  • False
This statement is False. While the human body does define a physical boundary, communication and interaction extend beyond just the skin. Communication involves verbal and nonverbal cues that transcend physical boundaries.

Tone determines communication in low-context cultures.

  • True
This statement is True. In low-context cultures, communication relies heavily on explicit language and the tone in which it is spoken. The message is conveyed explicitly, and the tone can significantly influence the meaning and reception of the message.

Personal space helps in establishing formal business occasions.

  • True
This statement is True. Personal space, which is a part of proxemics (study of space in communication), plays a role in formal business occasions. Maintaining appropriate distances helps establish a professional and respectful atmosphere during interactions.

Thomas Bruneau introduced the term speech chronemics.

  • False
This statement is False. The term "chronemics," which refers to the study of time in communication, was introduced by Edward T. Hall, not Thomas Bruneau.

Contact comfort is a primary need for higher-order mammals.

  • True
This statement is True. Contact comfort, which involves physical touch and closeness, is indeed a primary need for higher-order mammals, including humans. It plays a crucial role in emotional well-being and social bonding.

Who introduced the term kinesics?

  • Ray Birdwhistell
The term "kinesics," which refers to the study of body language and gestures in communication, was introduced by Ray Birdwhistell.

Which communication theorist ideated that non-verbal occupies ninety-three percent of human communication?

  • Albert Mehrabian
Albert Mehrabian, a communication researcher, proposed the 7-38-55 rule, suggesting that non-verbal communication contributes significantly more to the understanding of a message than verbal communication, with non-verbal cues accounting for about 93% of the total message's impact.

What is the study of space in relation to human communication called?

  • Proxemics
The study of space in relation to human communication is called "proxemics." It involves understanding how people use and interpret the physical distance between themselves and others in various social contexts.

Which aspect of non-verbal communication particularly warrants confidence and caution as key aspects?

  • Touch
Touch is the aspect of non-verbal communication that particularly warrants confidence and caution. Different cultures and situations interpret touch differently, so it's important to be mindful of the appropriateness of touch in various contexts.

Which of the following is not a part of navarasa?

  • Advaita
Navarasa is a concept in Indian aesthetics that refers to the nine fundamental emotions or sentiments that are depicted in various forms of art. "Advaita" is not one of the recognized navarasa emotions; the actual term is associated with a different philosophical concept.


Mastering public speaking requires a combination of preparation, practice, and effective delivery. The NPTEL Public Speaking Week 5 Assignment 5 Solution for 2023 equips you with the tools to craft a compelling presentation that resonates with your audience. By understanding the assignment, structuring your content, incorporating examples, and delivering your solution with confidence, you'll not only ace your assignment but also enhance your overall public speaking skills.


Q: Can I use humor in my presentation?
A: Absolutely! Appropriately placed humor can engage your audience and make your presentation more memorable.

Q: Is it necessary to memorize the entire presentation?
A: While memorization can help, it's more important to understand the content thoroughly and speak naturally.

Q: How can I manage stage fright?
A: Practice, deep breathing, and positive visualization can help manage stage fright effectively.

Q: Should I use a lot of text on my slides?
A: No, keep text minimal. Use bullet points and visuals to convey your points effectively.

Q: Can I personalize the content based on my style?
A: Absolutely, adding your personal touch makes the presentation authentic and engaging.


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