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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 7 Assignment 7 Solution for 2023

The NPTEL Soft Skills Week 7 Assignment 7 is designed to help students enhance their soft skills, and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive solution for the assignment in the year 2023.

Understanding the Assignment

Week 7 Overview NPTEL Soft Skills Week 7 Assignment 7 Solution for 2023 

Before diving into Assignment 7, let's first understand the context of Week 7 in the NPTEL Soft Skills course. Week 7 typically focuses on advanced communication skills, including public speaking, presentations, and effective storytelling.

Question 1: Technical reports have a colloquial language.

Answer: False (F)

Reason: Technical reports typically use a formal and specialized language, not colloquial language. This formality helps ensure clarity and precision in conveying technical information.

Question 2: In a short report, unnecessary materials are added to 'References.'

Answer: False (F)

Reason: In a short report, unnecessary materials should not be added to the 'References' section. The 'References' section should only include citations and sources that are directly relevant to the content of the report.

Question 3: There is no analysis and recommendations in an informative report.

Answer: False (F)

Reason: Informative reports often include analysis and recommendations based on the information presented. This analysis helps readers understand the significance of the information and what actions, if any, should be taken.

Question 4: One advantage of observation is that it reports behavior rather than interprets it.

Answer: True (T)

Reason: Observation involves recording and reporting what is directly observed without subjective interpretation. This objectivity is one of the advantages of using observation as a data collection method.

Question 5: One must avoid leading questions in a questionnaire.

Answer: True (T)

Reason: Leading questions can bias respondents' answers by suggesting a particular response. To obtain unbiased and accurate data, it is essential to avoid leading questions in questionnaires.

Question 6: What isn’t a goal of adjustment letters?

Answer: To recommend an employee

Reason: Adjustment letters typically aim to address and resolve customer complaints or issues. Recommending an employee is not a typical goal of such letters.

Question 7: What is a formal communication written for a specific purpose called?

Answer: Report

Reason: A formal communication written for a specific purpose is commonly referred to as a report. Reports are structured documents designed to convey information, findings, or recommendations.

Question 8: Technical reports have an/a _______ approach whereas literary writings have an/a ________approach.

Answer: Objective, Subjective

Reason: Technical reports have an objective approach, focusing on facts and data, while literary writings often have a subjective approach, involving personal interpretations and emotions.

Question 9: What is not a disadvantage of Telephonic Interview?

Answer: Detailed data not available

Reason: Detailed data is generally available through telephonic interviews. Some disadvantages might include no observation, difficulty in securing privacy, and the potential for respondents to refuse participation


Question 10: What is the advantage of questionnaires?

Answer: Bias of interviewer is eliminated

Reason: One advantage of questionnaires is that they eliminate the bias introduced by interviewers, as respondents fill out the questionnaire themselves, reducing interviewer influence.

Question 11: In note-making, which type of punctuation marks are used in pairs, one at the beginning of the quoted text and one at the end, while quoting an author?

Answer: Quotation marks

Reason: Quotation marks are used to indicate the beginning and end of quoted text in note-making, attributing the content to an author.

Question 12: What is the purpose of questionnaires?

Answer: To survey a large number of people

Reason: One of the primary purposes of questionnaires is to gather data from a large number of respondents efficiently. It allows researchers to collect information from a wide audience.

Question 13: What are the primary ways of Data collection?

Answer: Investigation and Personal observation

Reason: The primary ways of data collection typically include investigation (research) and personal observation. These methods involve actively seeking and recording data.

📌 NPTEL Soft Skills Week 7 Assignment 7 Solution for 2023

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- 📊 Week 7 suggests a structured curriculum or course plan.

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The NPTEL Soft Skills Week 7 Assignment 7 provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your public speaking and communication skills. By selecting an engaging topic, conducting thorough research, and practicing your speech, you can excel in this assignment and develop valuable soft skills that will benefit you in your academic and professional journey.

## FAQs

### 1. Can I choose any topic for Assignment 7?

   Yes, you can select a topic that interests you and aligns with the course content.

### 2. How long should my persuasive speech be?

   Aim for a speech duration of around 5-7 minutes.

### 3. Are there any recommended sources for research?

   While there are no specific recommendations, ensure that your sources are credible and reliable.

### 4. Can I use visual aids in my speech?

   Visual aids can enhance your speech, but make sure they complement your content and don't overwhelm your audience.

### 5. Is there a grading rubric for Assignment 7?

   Check the course materials for the grading criteria, as it may vary from course to course.

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