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NPTEL Public Speaking Week 10 Assignment 10 Solution 2023

  Assignment: Week 10 of NPTEL Public Speaking

📝 Solution: Assignment 10

  • The assignment pertains to Week 10 of the NPTEL Public Speaking course in 2023.
  • It involves solving Assignment 10.
  • No specific details about the content or nature of the assignment are provided in the text.
  • Summary: NPTEL Public Speaking Week 10 Assignment 10 Solution for 2023.

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NPTEL Public Speaking Week 10 Assignment 10 Solution 2023

Certainly, here are the reasons for each of the answers:

1. Signposts refer to brief statements to mark the exact location during a presentation.

   - True: Signposts in a presentation help the audience follow the structure and flow of the content by indicating where they are in the presentation (e.g., "Next, we will discuss...").

2. According to J. Maxwell, “Leaders can no longer trust in power; instead, they rely on the power of trust.”

   - True: This statement reflects John C. Maxwell's perspective on leadership, emphasizing the importance of trust rather than relying solely on positional power.

3. The leader makes the decision guided by his/her expertise and knowledge and announces it to the group.

   - True: This describes a common leadership approach where the leader uses their expertise to make decisions and then communicates those decisions to the group.

4. Speaking impromptu is considered the most effective mode for a speaker.

   - False: Speaking impromptu means speaking without preparation, which may not always be the most effective mode for a speaker. Effective speakers often prepare and rehearse their speeches or presentations.

5. Leaders with a Spirited Personality Style are passionate, enthusiastic, and visionary.

   - True: The description matches the characteristics of leaders with a Spirited Personality Style, who are known for their enthusiasm and vision.

6. Connectives are supposed to be used only _______ in one sentence.

   - Twice: Using connectives like "and," "but," or "however" twice in a sentence can help improve clarity and coherence in writing.

7. In order to make _______ Recipients active participants, one can ask opinion-based questions, stimulate independent thinking, etc.

   - Substantial: To make recipients active participants, you need to engage them in a substantial way, such as by asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging independent thinking.

8. A _________ one sentence “runs” right into the next without proper punctuation between them.

   - Run-on sentence: A run-on sentence is a sentence that is not properly punctuated and often combines two independent clauses without proper separation.

9. Darryl Plecas, Colette Squires and Len Garis wrote the book titled The Essentials of ________ in Government.

   - Leadership: The context suggests that the book is about leadership in government.

10. For ___________, “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

   - John C. Maxwell: This quote is attributed to John C. Maxwell, so he is the appropriate answer.

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