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NPTEL Public Speaking Week 11 Assignment 11 Solution 2023

πŸ“š NPTEL Public Speaking Assignment 11 Answers 2023:

  • πŸ—“️ Year: 2023
  • πŸ“ Assignment: Public Speaking Assignment 11
  • πŸ“„ Answers available
  • πŸ“‘ Summary: The text refers to the NPTEL Public Speaking Assignment 11 for the year 2023, with answers provided.

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NPTEL Public Speaking Week 11 Assignment 11 Solution 2023

1. **Which among the following is not a popular forum of discussion?**

   - **Roleplay**: Roleplay is not a typical forum for discussion. It involves acting out scenarios or situations rather than discussing topics or ideas.

2. **What model does a content area seminar adopt?**

   - **Classroom model**: Content area seminars typically adopt a classroom model where there is a structured presentation and discussion centered around a specific topic or subject matter.

3. **Which of the following impediments impairs one’s clarity of speech?**

   - **Jargon**: Jargon refers to specialized terminology or language used within a particular field or group. It can impair clarity of speech when it is used inappropriately in a context where others are not familiar with it.

4. **What is the term for a public presentation where several people present prepared speeches on different aspects of the same topic?**

   - **Symposium**: A symposium is a formal meeting or public presentation where multiple speakers present prepared speeches or discuss various aspects of the same topic.

5. **Deictic expressions can be understood only when the listener knows:**

   - **Pragmatic context**: Deictic expressions, like words "this," "that," "here," and "there," rely on the pragmatic context to be understood because their meaning depends on the speaker's and listener's shared understanding of the situation.

6. **Pragmatics of speech includes:**

   - **Reference and Inference**: Pragmatics of speech involves understanding not only the literal meaning of words but also how they are used to refer to things and convey implied meanings, requiring both reference to specific objects and inference to understand implicit meanings.

7. **Which two scholars propounded the linguistic relativity hypothesis?**

   - **Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf**: Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf were linguists who proposed the linguistic relativity hypothesis, which suggests that the structure of a language can shape or influence the way its speakers perceive and think about the world.

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