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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 11 Assignment 11 Solution for 2023

📌 NPTEL Soft Skills Week 11 Assignment 11 Solution for 2023:

  1. - Assignment 11 is part of NPTEL's Soft Skills program for the year 2023.
  2. - It falls under Week 11 of the course.
  3. - The solution for this assignment is being sought or discussed.
  4. - This is likely a task or homework for students taking the NPTEL Soft Skills course.
  5. - The assignment is expected to have multiple questions or components.
  6. - It's relevant to the year 2023, indicating that it's a current or upcoming task.
  7. - Further details about the assignment's content and requirements are not provided in the text.

NPTEL Soft Skills Week 11 Assignment 11 Solution for 2023

📝 Summary:

Seeking the solution for NPTEL Soft Skills Week 11 Assignment 11 for the year 2023.

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Certainly, let's go through the answers with their reasons:

1. **The statement "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential [...] these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence," has been given by Confucius.**

   - *False* - This quote is often misattributed to Confucius. There is no solid evidence that Confucius made this statement.

2. **Like many forms of communication, an interview, too, is a one-way presentation in which the candidate/speaker has to convince the panel members of his/her merit and worth.**

   - *False* - An interview is a two-way communication process where both the candidate and the panel members interact, exchanging information and assessing mutual fit.

3. **It is always advisable to memorize the content that is to be presented to avoid forgetting during the presentation.**

   - *False* - Memorizing the entire content can lead to a robotic presentation. It's better to understand the material and speak naturally, allowing for a more engaging delivery.

4. **A job aspirant should always wear a gaudy dress to distinguish himself from others.**

   - *False* - Wearing a gaudy dress is generally not advisable for a job interview as it may be perceived as unprofessional. Professional attire is recommended.

5. **Use of passive phrases and statements is the preferred way of writing a resume.**

   - *False* - Resumes should generally use active phrases and statements to highlight one's achievements and skills more effectively.

6. **Which among the following is NOT true about an interview?**

   - *A form of communication to pompously showcase all past achievements of the interviewee* - An interview is not meant for pompous showcasing but rather for assessing a candidate's suitability for a job.

7. **Which of the following statements about the difference between presentation and speech is NOT correct?**

   - *Speeches are more formal, whereas presentations are more casual and informal.* - This statement is not correct because both speeches and presentations can be either formal or informal depending on the context.

8. **Who spoke the following: “The wise one fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve”?**

   - *Lord Krishna* - Lord Krishna is attributed to speaking this quote.

9. **How are counselling interviews different from the conflict interviews? Choose the correct statement.**

   - *Counselling interviews are called with a purpose to help a person having personal problems such as depression, low confidence because of past failures, etc., whereas conflict interviews try to resolve conflicts between two or more employees.* - This statement correctly distinguishes the goals of counselling and conflict interviews.

10. **Which among the following is NOT among the intuitive skills?**

    - *Supervising* - Supervising is a skill that involves overseeing and managing, and it's not typically considered an intuitive skill.

11. **Which among the following best qualifies a felicitation speech?**

    - *It is performed to honour/praise a person for his achievements* - Felicitation speeches are typically given to honor or praise someone for their accomplishments.

12. **A beginner tends to make some mistakes that make the presentations unimpressive. Which are some of the cautions to avoid these mistakes?**

    - *2, 3, 4, 6 (Avoid reading from the slides, Avoid long introduction, Avoid looking at the audience)* - These are cautions to avoid common mistakes in presentations, such as lack of engagement, long introductions, and lack of eye contact.

13. **To deliver an effective presentation, it is important to have an impressive beginning. Which of the following are NOT helpful in making an impressive beginning?**

    - *Starting with the discussion of the main content* - Starting with the main content might not effectively engage the audience or set the context for the presentation.

14. **Which among the following are NOT among the qualities of an interviewee that are tested during an interview?**

    - *Ability to manipulate the interviewer* - Manipulating the interviewer is not a desirable quality. The other qualities listed are commonly assessed during interviews.

15. **Some of the things to avoid while writing a resume are:**

    - *Starting with your name and email address* - Starting a resume with personal information is a common practice and not something to avoid. The other options, such as writing detailed contact information, having a longer than 2-page resume, and mentioning unpleasant experiences, are things to avoid in resume writing.

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